Pacific Rim Investment & Management Enterprises, Inc. (P.R.I.M.E., Inc.) is a full-service provider of association and property management based in Seattle, Washington.

Our Management Services Include:

      • Planning, Organizing and Assisting in the Conduct of Board Meetings.
      • Committee Meetings and Annual Meetings.
      • Guiding and Assisting the Board in the Performance of their Duties.
      • Maintaining the Records of the Association.
      • Assist the Board of Directors in Preparing the Annual Budget.
      • Collection of Assessments and Payment of Bills.
      • Preparation and Review of Monthly Financial Statements.
      • Hiring and Supervision of Employees of the Association.
      • Assisting the Association’s Auditor.
      • Regular Property Inspections.
      • Bidding and Negotiation of Ongoing Maintenance Contracts.
      • Overseeing Major Projects.
      • Consulting Services to Boards for Special Projects.

P.R.I.M.E.’s 20+ years of experience is invaluable in supporting the Board in identifying community challenges and opportunities, and in implementing the Board’s decisions in order to build community as well as to help maintain and enhance property values.